Cruisin' Sherwood 2020 Update

After much discussion and consideration, the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce and the Sherwood Cruisers have elected to forego Cruisin' Sherwood for 2020. Circumstances being what they are with the Covid-19 restrictions, we felt we could not bring you the quality and class of event we have all come to know as Cruisin'. However, mark your calendars for the 3rd Saturday in June 2021, because we are going to pull all the stops out for our 30th Cruisin' Sherwood! We will make it the best Cruisin' ever! We will miss all of you this year. Stay safe!

Re-live Summer 2019

Take a walk down memory lane!

Covid-19 Update

Our monthly meetings have been suspended until further notice. Our meeting place, Langer's Sherwood, is currently closed for the time being, so we wait until they re-open to meet. Weekly breakfasts are also on hold until the restaurants re-open. Stay well, stay safe, and use the "contact us" form if there is anything we can do for you.

Interested in membership?

We're always welcoming new members! We're a family-friendly club, and invite you to join us. Annual membership dues are $30.00 per person/family. If you're interested in joining, just click on the "Membership" button and fill out the Membership Form.